Unsurprisingly, VOIDCEREMONY’s New Single “Abyssic Knowledge Bequeathed” Is Proggy Death Metal

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With an album title like Threads Of Unknowing and a song named “Abyssic Knowledge Bequeathed”, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that Voidceremony is progressive metal death. And they’re really damn good at it! Hell, they’re good enough that Morbid Angel took their drummer for touring duties.

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Voidceremony is guitarist and vocalist Garrett Johnson, guitarist Phil Tougas (Atramentus, Chthe’ilist, Worm, First Fragment), bassist Damon Good (Mournful Congregation, Stargazer), and drummer Charlie Koryn (Ascended Dead, Vrenth, Chthonic Deity).

Threads Of Unknowing was mixed and mastered by Gabriele Gramaglia (Cosmic Putrefaction), who provides additional synths to the album. The cover art was painted by Juanjo Castellano (Majesties, The Black Dahlia Murder), with additional art by Shoggoth Kinetics and Kyle Bowen included in the layout by Dan Fried. Pre-orders are available here.

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