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Testament drummer Dave Lombardo recently revealed that his future with the band was uncertain, though things seem to be headed in a more certain direction.

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In a recent interview, Lombardo said he won’t be joining the band for their 2023 touring committments, and that he isn’t sure if he’ll be working on new material with them. Lombardo noted that “The relationship is good. The doors are open.” and that rejoining the band isn’t out of the question at some point in the future.

Neither Lombardo nor Testament have definitively said that they’ve parted ways, but a recent post from Testament guitarist Eric Peterson certainly suggested that might be the case. In his post, Peterson said he and touring drummer Chris Dovas were “working on new ideas this last week” and that “it was a pleasure and a great time to have Dave back in his short lived return again.”

So as it stands, Testament appears to be working on new material with Dovas and is out on the road with Dovas. Then during a May 2 show at the Teatro Royal Center in Bogotá, Columbia, vocalist Chuck Billy introduced Dovas to the crowd with two additional words – “Lombardo who?”

“Stand up and take a bow,” said Billy. “Give it up for Mr. Chris Dovas. Lombardo who? Yeah. That’s Chris Dovas right there. Don’t forget it.” Watch footage of the introduction below right before the band launches into a crushing rendition of “D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)”.

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