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Well hot danggg Maycember/May-nia/May-hem is in full swing over here but this past week should be the final week of this kind of craziness because Rhett and Ryder are officially done with school and Chase only has two days left next week. It’s been an intense week but an awesome week filled with preschool parties, a summer birthday book reading in Chase’s class (I read The Circus Ship to his class and cannot recommend it enough, especially as a classroom read-aloud option) and some end-of-the-year presentations.

One not-so-great thing that happened was a super-fast bug that seemed to run rampant through our house. Each boy was sick but only for 6 hours. It was the strangest thing! Rhett and Ryder threw up but never had a fever whereas Chase had a fever but never threw up and everyone was back to normal within 4 to 6 hours. I’ve never seen anything like it! Unfortunately it knocked Ryan out much harder and he’s still not feeling his best so we’re hoping he’ll feel much better by the time the weekend rolls around. (I’ve thankfully avoided it so far which is good since I’m pretty sure moms aren’t allowed to get sick.)

As for the weekend ahead, we initially planned to host a bunch of friends for a cookout and lake fun but the weather looks awful — rain every single day and temperatures around 60-degrees — so we’ll put that one off until we have a warm, sunny weekend. I’d like to do something unique and celebratory for the boys as an end-of-the-school-year celebration of sorts so I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

I hope you guys all have a good weekend and, as always thank you for making my blog a part of your week! Now onto this week’s roundup of favorites!

Things I’m Loving Friday

Last year, in the midst of moving and home-building mayhem, we lived in four houses in 6 months. It was insane to say the least and I did all I could to make living in so many different places as seamless as possible. One thing that worked well was to unpack as little as possible and I applied this to my makeup! I began storing all of my makeup in one giant makeup bag and took it around the house with me to apply my makeup using my favorite portable mirror (often at the kitchen counter while the boys ate breakfast)  and ended up loving this system.

My previous makeup bag was looking a little rough so I recently upgraded to this option. It immediately appealed to me because it was not only aesthetically pretty but it has multiple interior sections to make dividing makeup up into different categories a breeze. I how have all of my makeup sorted into different sections (face, eyes, lips and brushes/applicators) and no longer feel like I’m digging through an abyss to find the specific product I’m looking for when I’m applying my makeup in the morning. I love it!

Have you guys heard of the whole “empties” trend? I am likely 5,000 years late to this one but I think it’s a trend that began when beauty influencers started sharing their beauty favorites whenever they’d run out (aka their empty bottles) as a way of highlighting their favorite products they use consistently. I’m telling you fashion and beauty influencers are ON IT when it comes to creative sharing ideas!

Anyway, I have an “empty” to share with you today that I’m fairly certain I’ve shared in the past but if I did it was a million years ago. This hairspray has been the ONLY hairspray I’ve used for years so I figured it was worth highlighting again since I need to order a replacement today. I have very fine hair but apparently I have a lot of it (according to anyone who ever does my hair) but it looks so lifeless and flat without a little help. This hairspray was one of the best beauty discoveries I ever made for my hair because it adds volume and a little texture and the hold actually lasts! I will often let my hair air-dry which is a recipe for seriously lifeless hair for me but this hairspray can work wonders bringing it back to life and adding a little oomph while providing hold for my waves. It’s a winner and one I am sure I will continue to buy for a million more years.

True story: I saw another mom wearing this bag at preschool drop off a few weeks ago and thought it was so cute that I legitimately sprinted across the parking lot to ask her where she got it before she hopped into her car. I loved the black and brown combination of colors and the quilted leather look and crossed my fingers it wouldn’t be a million dollar bag. When she said it was an Amazon find, I was psyched and ordered the bag from the preschool parking lot. It’s not huge so it’s best for smaller events (aka it doesn’t hold ALL THE MOM THINGS) but it pairs well with so many looks and I’ve found myself reaching for it over and over again.

  • Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Just rounding up a few sales that have already started this weekend just in case you’re hoping to take advantage of some pre-summer savings!


  • Serena & Lily: 20% off everything with code SPLASH (Their LaJolla Baskets have been a favorite in our house for years for a pretty way to store toys. They also majorly hold up to kid craziness — our boys have sat on the lids and they’re still going strong. // My sister also gave us this step stool for our kitchen for Christmas and we use it every single day. It’s stunning and the quality makes be believe we’ll have it forever.)
  • HatiHome: 20% off everything  (We ordered their stool #2 in natural for around our kitchen island. I eyed them for well over a year before purchasing and they never did a sale steeper than 20% off. We LOVE them. The quality is fantastic, they wipe clean — a must for us with kids — and are very comfortable. They’re a splurge but a purchase I do not regret for one second.)
  • McGee & Co.: Up to 25% off sitewide (25% off is the most I ever see them offer and I pretty much only shop this site during sales. I took advantage of 25% off to order our bathroom mirrors and extra long dining room table last year. We also have this small wood pedestal in our bathroom to hold our hand soap and I think it would be a great gift paired with a favorite soap.)


Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp (For anyone grilling out this weekend who might want a delicious alternative to burgers and hot dogs.)

Chopped Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts Salad (A lettuce-less salad you can prep ahead!)

Chopped Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Questions of the Day

Do you have any plans this weekend? 

What is one thing making you smile this week? 


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