Week of Workouts: February 2023

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Hot on the heels of my Week of Weeknight Meals series for the month of February that I shared last week, I’m coming at you today with a peek into last week’s workouts as part of my Week of Workouts series. Like the weeknight meals series, I began sharing this once-a-month glimpse into what one week of workouts looks like for me these days as a way to stay true to the origins of this blog when I shared more day-in-the-life content that touched on my meals and workouts.

Last week I managed to work out three times and most of my workouts focused on strength training. The weather last week was also gorgeous (70s! In February!) so a handful of outdoor walks occurred as well which I also tracked below. I’m hoping for more and more outdoor walks as the weather continues to warm up in our area!

Week of Workouts: February 2023

  • Monday: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders Workout + 60-Minute Outdoor Walk

My parents were still in town last Monday and offered to handle breakfast with the boys so I could get in a workout first thing in the morning without having to set my alarm. What a luxury!!! (Monday was President’s Day and all of the boys were off school.) I completed a quick arm workout that targeted my biceps, triceps and shoulders and finished in right around 40 minutes.

The weather last Monday was absolutely gorgeous so I took full advantage of the sunshine and also went on a walk with the big kids and Pepper to the park in our neighborhood after lunch which felt amazing! If I could go for a long walk every afternoon, I would because it was such a nice way to break up the day and enjoy some outside time!

  • Tuesday: Lower Body Workout

Workouts don’t have to be fancy to be effective! On Tuesday morning, I took myself through a lower body workout that targeted my glutes, hamstrings and quads. It was a back-to-basics workout that had me in and out of the gym in less than 40 minutes.

  • Wednesday: 30 Minute Outdoor Walk

On Wednesday, I didn’t make it to the gym but Rhett, Pepper and I took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and went for a 30-minute walk before Ryder’s preschool pickup. The weather last week was unbelievably gorgeous and we wanted to take full advantage!

  • Thursday: Total Body Strength Workout

burn boot camp full body workout

On Thursday, I had 30 minutes to squeeze in my workout before I had an appointment before preschool pickup so I quickly took myself through an old full-body Burn Boot Camp workout I found on my blog! This was technically a 21-minute workout but with some rest breaks in there, it took me just under 30 minutes. Quick and effective! I did end up swapping out two of the exercises and switched out the Farmer’s Carry for 8 alternating lunges (each side) with a biceps curl and the chin-ups for triceps pushups.

Friday was a rest day!

  • Saturday: Push/Pull Workout + 30 Minute Outdoor Walk

push pull burn boot camp workout

I actually worked out on the weekend last weekend! What!? After a walk to a park in our neighborhood in the morning with Ryan, Pepper and the boys, I felt inspired to do a little strength training once we made it back home. I streamed a push/pull Burn Boot Camp workout from our garage gym which primarily targeted my chest, shoulders and back.

No workout for me on Sunday!

Question of the Day

Do you workout on weekends? 

Weekends are almost always back-to-back rest days for me but occasionally I’ll get the urge to workout and roll with it!


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