Week of Workouts: May 2023

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Hey friends! How are you? How is your week going? I’m doing pretty well and just wanted to check in today to share a recap of last week’s workouts with all of you. I created this series a while back to showcase what one week of workouts looks like for me during one week of every month. It’s a way for me to stay true to the origins of this blog when I used to recap nearly every single workout for you guys.

Last week my workouts were pretty typical and included a mix of in-person and online streaming Burn Boot Camp classes. I’ve also been trying to prioritize walks with Pepper (either alone or with a friend) because I know she loves them and they also do a lot for me mentally. Right now I still find myself needing some peaceful moments of sunshine to fight some of the fog of grief that is hanging over me and being outside with a joyful dog really does seem to help. Plus, solo walks are wonderful thinking time for me and I appreciate the quiet peace of being in nature with Pepper so much.

I included my walks with Pepper in my summary of workouts for the week below because the more and more I’ve read about fitness and overall health and longevity, the more I’ve found myself fully believing what I think most of us have always known: Walking is so incredibly good for us.

Week of Workouts: May 2023

I often kick off the week with an upper body workout of some sort because they’re my favorite and it doesn’t take much to motivate myself to set an alarm and do an arm workout on a Monday morning. Last Monday’s workout looked like a streaming YouTube video of one of Burn Boot Camp’s upper body workouts which primarily focused on biceps and triceps. My triceps really, really felt this one!

Pepper also got some love on Monday with a 45 minute walk! I love solo walks with my girl and squeezing them in when I can feels like a gift to myself.

I honestly wasn’t planning on a workout on Tuesday morning but I was up before the sun and figured I might as well move my body. I streamed this past Burn Boot Camp MetCon workout but subbed out some of the more intense plyo exercises like jumping lunges only because I just wasn’t feeling it! I’ve never loved jumping lunges and I especially don’t like them before 6 a.m. Haha!

I also managed to get Pepper out on a walk before preschool pickup on Tuesday which definitely added a little joy to my day!

  • Wednesday: Burn Boot Camp Upper Body Workout

Rhett and I made it to Boot Camp after his MyGym class on Wednesday and it was a good one! I definitely push myself more during in-person camps and Wednesday’s workout had my arms feeling like Jello by the end.

  • Thursday: 3-Mile Walk with Pepper and a Friend

Thursday I didn’t do a workout other than walking with a friend! I met up with my friend Laura before preschool pickup on Wednesday and we covered right around 3 miles in an hour while walking with Pepper. I loved the chance to catch up with a friend while walking Pepper and moving my body! I’ve been meeting up with a friend for a walk once or twice a week before preschool pickups lately and it’s been great! I know this will be trickier when summer is here and the boys are out of school but for the next few weeks, I’ll be soaking up the chance for walks + girlfriend catchup time.

  • Friday: Burn Boot Camp Leg Day

On Friday, Ryder, Rhett and I headed off to Burn Boot Camp for a mid-morning workout. Our camp’s 9:15 a.m. child watch timeslot fills up like crazy on Fridays and we missed that time but we made it to 10:30 a.m. Ryder and Rhett ended up being the only kids in child watch that day and had free reign of all their favorite toys while I took my legs and glutes through the wringer with the above workout. It was a good one and had me feeling sore the next day.

No traditional workouts happened over the weekend but between visiting a huge bounce house event with the boys, kayaking and gardening, a lot of movement happened!

Question of the Day

What was your favorite workout of the week last week? 


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