Jabra’s $99 Elite 4 earbuds come with active noise cancellation

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Jabra’s new entry-level Elite 4 earbuds offer active noise cancellation, but they still come at a budget-friendly price tag. For $99.99, the buds promise 5.5 hours of listening time with ANC switched on or 22 hours with the case.

Fortunately, Jabra has addressed both of these weaknesses with the Elite 4. In addition to ANC, the Elite 4 now come with Bluetooth multipoint, allowing them to connect to multiple devices at the same time, making it easier to switch between your phone, laptop, or another device as your audio source. The company also added support for Microsoft Swift Pair for faster pairing between the buds and a Windows PC, in addition to the Google Fast Pair feature the Elite 3 already offered.

The Elite 4 earbuds look very similar to their Elite 3 counterparts.
Image: Jabra

Aside from those new features, not much else has changed between the two generations. The Elite 4 earbuds come with the same 6mm speakers as the Elite 3 and also features the same amount of battery life without ANC: seven hours by themselves and 28 hours with the case. They also share the same four-microphone setup, along with an IP55 rating for limited protection from dust and water.

The Elite 4 aren’t to be confused with the Elite 4 Active, which Jabra released last year. The Elite 4 Active cost slightly more at $119.99 and come with similar specs, save for a higher IP57 rating and better battery life with ANC switched on. Unlike the standard Elite 4, however, they do lack multipoint connectivity.

The Jabra Elite 4 come in four colors: gray, navy, lilac, and beige and are available for purchase on Jabra’s website. Although these buds might not come with the high-end audio specs as, say, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro or Apple’s AirPods Pro, you really can’t go wrong with a $99 price tag for a pair of earbuds offering both ANC and multipoint.


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