Love Triangles in SFF That Should Have Been Throuples

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RIP to the fandom, but I just think that Steddyhands needs to be cannon. Sorry. The Izzy/Ed divorce is on the edge of splitting up for good this time, and Stede’s Other Woman energy is really making it hard to concentrate on the plot. It makes sense! Why can’t we have nice things? Don’t we deserve to have this? I simply feel like Stede balances out Ed and Izzy, and Izzy is truly the only one thinking practically and Ed is just dripping rizz like of course he pulls two bad bitches, he’s Ed-fucking-Teach. He’s Blackbeard!! Of course he has two boyfriends!!!

The point here is that more relationships, not less, is the way to go and I just wish that more authors were open to throuples in their stories! I think it would be nice!

What are some sci-fi and fantasy love triangles you think should have been throuples instead?

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