Don’t Stagedive Like You’re Jumping Into A Pool

Posted bywp_12122045 Posted onMay 12, 2023 Comments0

Despite some venues not being into it (and some houses being into it), stagediving is a perfectly fine part of any hardcore or metal show. Y’know, as long as you’re doing it right and not jumping into the crowd like you’re doing a cannonball into a pool. Which sadly is exactly what one dude did during a recent Volcano show.

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Hate5six posted their footage of Volcano playing at the Triple Crown Pavilion in Louisville, KY on March 17, and at around the 8:10 mark some dude does exactly what we said above. The camera cuts away and you can see Volcano‘s guitarist laughing in that kind of “what the fuck?” way, and then the show continues.

But seriously, one of two things was going to happen here. Either this dude was gonna break his ass (which he might’ve), or he was gonna break someone’s neck doing what he was doing. Why.

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