10 Best Interior Design Books Every Stylish Home Should Have

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When I think of Camille, three scenarios come to mind. In the first, she’s hosting the perfect gathering—complete with delicious, colorful dishes and thoughtful conversation. In the second, she’s diving deep into a new creative project, vision board at the ready. And in the third, Camille’s cozied up on the couch surrounded by stacks of the best interior design books. It’s no secret that our entire team is book-obsessed, and when we’re in need of a new title, it’s always Camille we turn to. That’s why, when the topic of design books came up, we begged her to reveal her faves. Well, it didn’t take too much convincing—she’s always more than happy to share.

As Camille herself confirms, she has an out-of-control cookbook collection. But alongside these well-loved, dog-eared titles, Camille has shelves dedicated to design books that she regularly pulls from for inspiration. And don’t get me wrong—her love of Pinterest is well-documented. But truly, is there anything better than brewing a cup of tea and sitting down with the best interior design books? Answer: definitely not.

The Best Interior Design Books Every Home Should Have

From talking to y’all on social media, it’s clear the Camille Styles community shares our obsession. So whether you’re looking to curate a new aesthetic or simply want to stack a few beautiful books on your coffee table (no judgment—it’s one of our favorite design hacks), you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re sharing all the best interior design books that every stylish home should have stacked on its shelves. Be sure to bookmark!

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The best interior design books have many things in common. Gorgeous images, stunning interiors, and of course, a cover we’ll proudly put on display. Atelier AM does the genre justice, with a cover that beautifully conveys all the inspiration to be found within. While it’s one thing to build a style based on a single design aesthetic, it’s a whole different challenge to combine classic shapes with delicate details. This book shows you how it’s done, highlighting environments that pair antique awareness with modern sensibility. If you want to design a truly unique space, this is the book that’ll get you there.

While always beautiful, Camille’s design style has definitely developed over the years. Nowadays, she creates organic interiors, utilizing natural materials and being conscious to maintain a calming, serene environment. One of the books that inspired this shift? Soft Minimal. As we become more intentional about how we inhabit our homes, the push to design a space that supports our wellness is at the forefront of our focus. With an emphasis on minimalism that calms the mind and helps us connect with our bodies, Soft Minimal shows you how it’s done.

Over the past decade-plus, Kinfolk has inspired so much of how we cook, work, and live. The brand’s ethos is deeply steeped in the idea of bringing intention to all that we do, and how we design our homes is central to this principle. The book explores how we can curate more intimate spaces that help us connect deeper with our families and ourselves. You’ll explore homes from around the world—Scandinavia, Japan, and beyond. And while the styles vary widely, they each share a careful and slow curation of a thoughtful home.

You’ve likely seen this book photographed in many pictures of Camille’s home. She regularly keeps it out for quick referencing and to echo her subtle beachy vibe. As the title suggests, the book explores surfing as not only a sport but a lifestyle—and one that informs how many people conceive of and design their homes. Surf Shacks documents not only these unique spaces through stunning imagery, but crafts a narrative around each home through interviews conducted with the surfers who inhabit them. It’s one of those special design books that you not only gain interior inspiration from, but that draws you in with stories of the lives each of these spaces shape.

It’s no secret: the Mediterranean is a key inspiration for everything in Camille’s life. Italian flavors work their way into her favorite dishes and warm, earthy design accents can be found all throughout her home. The New Mediterranean captures the core principles of both this aesthetic as well as the way of life it defines. The book introduces readers to homes all over the world that embrace a “sumptuous minimalism” that feels both luxurious and perfectly at ease. If you’ve always craved that Tuscan vibe in your own home, this book is the inspiration you need.

Whether we live in the city or out in the countryside, we all want our homes to provide a sense of escape. Rural Retreats features idyllic country homes that showcase the perfect mixing of modern aesthetics affixed in a rustic setting. While you’ll definitely dog-ear this one for inspiration, it also provides a sense of escape in itself. Rural Retreats is the kind of design book you’ll carry with you to bed, dreaming of a home that takes you away from it all.

The desert vibe is alive and well. Many homeowners find themselves flocking to these remote locations to find peace and serenity in a quiet, calming setting. Similar to Surf Shacks, this book gives ample attention to the lifestyle alongside the aesthetic. We look at famous desert homes like Georgia O’Keefe’s in Abiquiu, New Mexico as well as The Solar House in Marfa, Texas. Oasis tracks the development of this design trend and shows readers how to bring the beauty of the desert home, no matter where you live.

Camille (and the rest of us on the team) is a long-time fan of Kelly Wearstler’s work. Just last year, we featured her stunning transformation of the Downtown LA Proper Hotel. In the project, she employed her signature color-soaked style, creating impact and drama through mixed materials and a blending of design principles. In her book, she describes how she creates these opulent, ornate spaces that exude old-world Hollywood combined with a careful nod to modernism. If you want tips for upgrading your home and bringing elegance to the forefront, add Kelly’s book to cart, stat.

A regular on Camille’s nightstand, Studio KO showcases the French architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty’s signature style. The villas, hotels, restaurants, and residences all evoke a subdued but impactful minimal and modern aesthetic. Studio Ko takes you to interiors in New York, Paris, and London, providing readers with *major* design eye candy. But what Camille loves, in particular, is that this book pays careful attention to the cultural and historical references that are central to Studio KO’s style. It’s clear in these pages that every environment they design tells a story.

In our eyes (and to her one million Instagram followers and fans around the world), in design and lifestyle curation, Athena Calderone can do no wrong. Founder of the celebrated site Eyeswoon, Athena shares her tips, tricks, and insights on building a thoughtful and beautiful life. This value echoes throughout all the pages of her book, reading both like a design guide as well as a manifesto on connecting with the beauty of every day. Camille isn’t the only one with a well-loved copy—we all regularly pull from Athena’s book for everything from interior inspiration to living each moment with more intention.


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