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This article originally appeared on Schoolhouse, a Portland-based company in the Food52 family of brands.

It’s always a good time to invest in quality bedding. While sticking with neutral sets will never not be classic, there are also plenty of new ways to play up the pattern while styling a timeless bed-scape. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite bedding trends and ideas of 2023.

Photo by Schoolhouse

1. Floral Forward

What we see outdoors often inspire our interiors. One of our favorite ways to style a bed is by mixing vintage-inspired florals with cozy textures. The best part? Floral-forward bedding adds a fun element while still remaining timeless.

Much of the styling direction has to do with the print itself and the color palette, but as a general rule, larger prints tend to feel more modern while smaller designs lean traditional.

Photo by Schoolhouse

2. Gingham in Earthy Hues

There’s a reason why gingham bedding is a classic. While this pattern has been around for decades, we’ve been seeing a recent resurgence of gingham in earth-inspired hues.

The key to keeping it modern is to break up the pattern with solids and neutrals to create space for each design element to breathe. For example, layer a gingham pillowcase with a solid top sheet or style a neutral duvet with a gingham sheet set.

Photo by Schoolhouse

3. Layered Patterns

If you can’t land on one pattern, pick a few. Try to sprinkle in a few solid sets when working with multiple prints to give the eye a rest. As a general guideline, smaller patterns are easier to mix and match. If you want to go bold, start by selecting one focal piece and layering quieter bedding around it.

Another trick we’ve learned along the way is to pick a color palette first to unify multiple patterns. It doesn’t have to be monochromatic, but sticking with two or three coordinating colors can keep it cohesive.


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