The 4 Best Things In Stanley Tucci’s Organized Pantry

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Earlier this week, Stanley Tucci made pasta for breakfast—and the internet loved it. While Tucci and his baked farfalle don’t necessarily invoke culinary wonder, his pantry is aspirational.

A combination of resourceful storage hacks, intelligent kitchen equipment, and tasteful design choices (are those granite countertops I see?) make Tucci’s pantry both aesthetically and structurally pleasing. Regardless of how far you can walk into your pantry (impossible for me), these techniques and gear will improve any kitchen situation.

1. Glass Jars: New and Old

On his highest shelf, you’ll notice Tucci has a collection of jars. We love this because transparency always improves storage. When you can see into a storage container, you never need to guess how much of that ingredient remains—just look, and you’ll know. Also, the ingredients themselves are often more visually appealing than whatever packaging they came in. Stanley seemingly keeps tea bags in his jars, but this works just as well for baking staples, spices, and your favorite snacks.

You don’t always have to pay for durable, transparent storage containers. On the shelf to his right, you’ll find an emptied, presumably cleaned, jam jar. Perfect for storing salt or small amounts of dried goods, this is Tucci being smart and sustainable.

2. Labels

If you swap branded packaging for transparent storage it’s best to label your new clear containers. Tucci does this with a label maker. Many professional cooks do this with masking tape and a sharpie. Both techniques are perfectly effective, so pick whichever you prefer.

3. All The Sheet Trays

Underneath the counter, you’ll find Tucci’s leaning pile of sheet trays. Whether you’re resting meat, toasting bread, or portioning homemade fettuccine, a sheet tray is a convenient landing pad for whatever you’re working on. After all, you can’t organize your food unless you have somewhere to put it.

4. Aprons, Aprons, Aprons

Tucci has at least three aprons in his pantry. From a utility perspective, multiple aprons make sense. These things are meant to get dirty and no one wants to do laundry that often. But aprons are as much about aesthetics as they are cleanliness. When I wear an apron, cooking becomes an occasion. Whether I am frying an egg or taking on an entire menu, if I have an apron on I am more present and more thorough. Do you need three? Probably not. Should you have one? I think so.

Let us know how you organize your pantry!

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