10 Things I Love Sunday

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The weather is unseasonably cold this weekend, but I’ve been forcing myself to bundle up and take walks. Walking is like free therapy for me—I always end up feeling better.

In other news, I enrolled Norman in a training class and we have “homework” every week. It’s pretty darn cute … and a good challenge for both of us. 39-year-old dog mom over here!

1. I was 100% influenced by Emma when I bought this candle, and it smells as delicious as it sounds.

2. My favorite dry shampoo. It’s made with clean ingredients and works like a dream!

3. I’ve been wanting one of these lamps for a while. Should I go for it? It’s such a good price.

4. I bought a set of vintage lipsticks at the flea market the other day, and of course I ended up browsing lipstick holders on Etsy.

5. I’m always curious where people buy their phone cases, so here’s a link to mine. The colors change depending on the color of your phone.

6. I rewatched You’ve Got Mail the other night and TOTALLY cried at the end. I’m human after all!

7. The other day, a friend asked what kind of mascara I use (that’s always the best compliment, isn’t it?).

8. I’m a sucker for anything that has a fruit design on it—especially this T-shirt.

9. I ordered a butterfly doormat for my porch. It’s perfect for spring, which happens to start tomorrow.

10. I put this essential oil on my wrists and the bottom of my feet every night before bed. Highly recommend!

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